Speed Reading and Vocabulary

A Mastery Program

This class will teach students techniques to enable them read to 2 to 10 times FASTER with equal or better comprehension + builds vocabulary by introducing tools that unlock meanings and spellings of words.

In today’s world, the printed word is bombarding us at an unprecedented rate.

Information comes from all angles: computers, email, school books, magazines, and newspapers. Speed reading overcomes the problem of “not enough time”. Speed readers get more accomplished; they read more with equal or better comprehension, and are less stressed by school work. This class can put them in charge of their reading and studying, so that they can maximize their time and effort.

This class is for any middle or high student who wants to get more from their “in-and-out-of-class” studying.

Students will learn and gain:speedRead

  • Methods to increase speed
  • How to overcome reading roadblocks
  • How to build comprehension and recall
  • Concentration
  • Self-confidence
  • Enjoyment of reading

Class Information:
Four weekly classes
Reading speed and comprehension testing
Tracking progress weekly
Lecture style instruction with class interaction
Class discussions enhance student take-home materials
Each teacher is specially trained to teach this Mastery Program
Progress Logs – Each student keeps a progress log to track their improvement in these advanced skills