Sound Start Reading

Phonics-based Jump Start for Young Readers

Individualized Tutoring
All children can benefit from personalized study and attention
Jump Start Reading Skills
Beginners are provided with phonetic skills to last a lifetime
Small Class Setting
Individual attention by our experienced teachers accelerates the learning process
Interesting and varied activities create an atmosphere for pleasant learning.

Students are taught:boyReads8

  • Phonetics for decoding (sounding out words)
  • Word structure for encoding (spelling)
  • Sentence structure (writing)
  • Methods to improve following written and spoken directions
  • Word function skills (using context clues)
  • Comprehension (vocabulary/critical thinking applications)
  • Visualization (developing mental pictures)
  • How to work independently
  • Self-confidence
  • Desire and enjoyment of reading

Who should take this class:
Any kindergarten or 1st grade student who:
– is struggling to keep up
– is looking to enhance average or accelerated reading abilities,
– or will benefit from personalized study and attention

Class Information:
Classes held twice a week
Each parent receives a copy of their student’s test results with the skills worked on in class highlighted