Reading Development

Enhances Reading Skills

Individualized Tutoring
All children can benefit from personalized study and attention
Small Class Setting
Individual attention by our experienced teachers accelerates the learning process
Interesting and varied activities create an atmosphere for pleasant learning.

Students are taught:


  • Phonetics for decoding (sounding out words)
  • Word structure for encoding (spelling)
  • Sentence structure (writing)
  • Comprehension (vocabulary/critical thinking applications)
  • Reading fluency
  • How to work independently
  • Self-confidence
  • Desire and enjoyment of reading

Who should take this class:
Any 2nd through 6th grade student who:
– is struggling to keep up with reading demands
– is looking to enhance average or accelerated reading abilities,
– or will benefit from personalized study and attention

Class Information:
Classes held twice a week
Each parent receives a copy of their student’s test results with the skills worked on in class highlighted