PreK Reading, Math and More


An Engaging Phonics-based Jump Start for Beginning Readers and basic instruction in Math

Multiple Learning Styles
By tapping into each child’s strengths, concepts are more readily grasped
Jump Start Reading Skills
Beginners are provided with phonetic skills to last a lifetime
Parent Participation
Students are provided with in-class and at-home materials
Small Class Setting
Individual attention by our experienced teachers accelerates the learning process
Interesting and varied activities create an atmosphere for pleasant learning.

Students are taught:

  • Phonetics for decoding (sounding out words)
  • Word structure for encoding (spelling)
  • Methods to improve following written and spoken directions
  • Leveled Reading with take home sheets
  • Basic Math: counting, patterns, time, measurement, and more
  • Fine motor skill development: writing, coloring, cutting, glueing
  • Comprehension (vocabulary/critical thinking applications)
  • Visualization (developing mental pictures)
  • Self-confidence
  • Desire and enjoyment of reading

Class Information:
Classes held twice a week
Parent participation required – Parents learn along with the kids this engaging method of sound-symbol relationship