Creative Writing

Currently this class is not being offered through city locations. If interested in writing lessons, private tutoring is available.

Designed to help eager and reluctant writers learn and experience the love of writing. Finding success with words builds confidence!

Multiple Learning Styles<br>
By tapping into each child’s strengths, concepts are more readily grasped <br>
Learn fundamentals <br>
Creative writing styles and processes <br>
Individual Attention <br>
Experienced teachers accelerate the learning process <br>
Interesting and varied activities create an atmosphere for pleasant learning. <br> <br>

Students are taught:

  • Outline
  • Vocabuary building and usage
  • Different forms of writen expresion such as; poetry, pesonal letters, fiction, cartoon, autobiography and essay.
  • Editing
  • Self-confidence
  • Desire and enjoyment of writing

Who should take this class:

Any 2nd through 6th grade student:
– Who is struggling with creative or essay writing
– Who is looking to enhance average or accelerated writing abilities,
– Or will benefit from personalized study and attention.

Class Information:

Classes held twice a week
All writing projects go home at the end of the session.