Study Skills and Test Taking

A Mastery Program

STUDENTS STUDY SMARTER and gain self-confidence as they move into control of their education!

The demands on today’s high school (and even junior high schoolers) are overwhelming! Students who want to get ahead or just keep up have to develop an arsenal of tools to enable them to survive. Readwrite’s Study Skills and Test Taking Techniques class presents a wealth of strategies that show kids how to get the most from their study time.

This class is for any middle or high student who wants to get more from their “in-and-out-of-class studying.

Students will learn:tests

  • Prioritizing time
  • Note taking strategies
  • Concentration
  • Getting the most out of a textbook
  • Test taking strategies
  • Outlining
  • Listening and questioning skills
  • Test preparation tools that work

Class Information:
Four weekly classes
Lecture style instruction with class interaction
One to two hours of weekly homework
Specially trained teachers teach this Mastery Program